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Executive Director

Reports To: Board of Directors, Bii Gii Wiin CDLF 

Job Level: Exempt 

Hours: Full Time 

Bii Gii Wiin Mission 

To provide training and access to capital in order to promote homeownership, entrepreneurship, and financial capabilities among American Indian men and women throughout the State of Minnesota. We do this through the provision of development services and financial products. 

Supervision Received 

Works under the immediate supervision of the Board of Directors of Bii Gii Wiin CDLF. 

Supervision Exercised 

Directly and/or indirectly supervises all employees of the organization within approved corporate structure. 

Job Summary 

The Executive Director serves as chief administrative/executive officer of the organization for the Board of Directors, overseeing all day-to-day administration and management of operations, as well as the long-range strategy and program development for the growth of organization. 

Duties & Responsibilities 

Within the respective business areas of the corporation, the Executive Director: 

Administrative and Compliance 

 Serves as the chief executive of the corporation, overseeing all day-to-day administration and routine work of the corporation. 

 Arranges for Board of Directors and Executive Committee meetings. 

 Attends all meetings of the corporation Executive Committee and the Board of Directors. 

 Prepares the board agenda and sends notices to those who should attend. 

 Serves as the chief spokesperson for the corporation for media and other forums. 

 Prepares reports as requested by the Chairperson or Board of Directors. 

 Attends other meetings, trainings, seminars and conferences as necessary. 

 Coordinates corporation newsletters, direct mail, email that will provide communication with clients, donors and support network. 

Financial and Operations 

 Negotiates and signs contracts on behalf of the corporation in accordance with corporate policies and guidelines. 

 Oversees the maintenance of a complete record of minutes, policies and procedures adopted by the corporation, as well as the accounting of association monies in coordination with bookkeeper/office manager when present. 

Human Resources 

 Directs the work of the full- and part-time employees of the corporation and evaluates their performance and required policy decisions, including, but not limited to the following: 

 Promotion and reassignment of employees 

 Separation, demotion and suspension of employees 

 Compensation of employees 

 Issuance of oral warnings and written reprimands of employees 

 Granting of administrative leave, annual leave, sick leave, exercise leave and leave without pay 

 Approval of overtime 

 Development and maintenance of employee position descriptions 

 Completion of performance appraisals and authorization of subsequent personnel actions 

 Authorization, with the concurrence of the board, the reinstatement of probationary status for employees following an unsatisfactory performance appraisal or recurring situations requiring disciplinary action. 

 Review and final approval of applicants for all corporate positions 

 Recommends the establishment, abolishment and/or reclassification of staff positions to the Board of Directors. 

Planning and Development 

 Implements the mission and primary goals of the organization on behalf of and in cooperation with the Board of Directors. 

 Represents the corporation in accordance with the policies and goals of the organization in matters that affect entrepreneurship, community organization, economic development and reservation related programs and projects affecting the corporation. 

 Recommends policies and projects to the Board of Directors. 

 Develops recommendations for long-term strategic plan through and with corporation’s Board of Directors and any/all pertinent committees. 

 Develops outreach and builds strong working relationships with individuals in non-profit organizations, universities, Indian programs, private foundations, and local, state and federal government who have an impact or influence on economic development and entrepreneurship, especially in the region. 

Desired Qualifications & Requirements 

 Master’s degree in Business Administration, Management, or Public Policy preferred, or an equal amount of time of demonstrated leadership and administrative capability in the for profit or non-profit arena, preferably dealing with economic/community development in the American Indian Community. Bachelors required. Three-Five years project management and/or leadership required. 

 Ability to administer private, nonprofit service organizations, including an understanding of the legal responsibilities and constraints of such organizations. 

 Ability to obtain and manage external grants, contracts and donations. 

 Ability in the area of communication skills including strong writing, speaking and listening skills. 

 Ability to lead meetings and delegate responsibilities. 

 Ability to hire and manage office staff. 

 Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with tribal, federal, state, regional and local agencies/organizations, community leaders, and the general public. 

 Ability to work with people from varied cultural, economic and educational backgrounds through the various curriculum and services proved by the organization, specifically American Indian communities. 

 Knowledge of the principles and practices of effective public relations and marketing. 

 Skill in the use of computers and commonly used office software. 

 Skill in developing short- and long-range plans. 

 Skill in team-building and cross-cultural communication and interaction. 

 Must be willing to submit to a criminal background check upon hire. 

Please send a cover letter and resume to Cole St. Arnold, Board Chair, at
Applications will be accepted until January 31st, 2019.